Germany, a modern great power and the land of opportunities! With a great history of industry, politics and economics, Germany is a nation to reckon with in the world. An independent nation running its trade and governing with poise, Germany has risen to be a great power of Europe.

Let us take a look of the sights and sounds of this great nation.

With the flags motto of unity and justice and freedom, Germany is an eighty million strong nation. An ever growing GDP and a rising value of the euro, Germany harbors some of the finest industries and workers of the world. The capital city of Berlin is the largest city of Germany.


Germany is the biggest economy in Europe and the third largest in the world, only after the United States and Japan. The export operations are the major revenue generator of Germany. Germany is the world’s top exporter with ₨ 51.03 ()trillion exported, from the beginning of 2006. The aftermath of the reunification hasn’t really faded away, with West Germany leading the way in most of the sectors. New government policies have emphasized on renewable sources of energy, bio mass, hydro and geothermal energy. Germany is slowly growing into a very balanced economy.


The population of Germany according to the latest census is estimates to be around 82.4 million, spread out in an area of 357 thousand square kilo meters. Though the population is vast, the standard of living is quite high, especially in the west considering the impact of the reunification of 1990.


Germany, as a state that we know now was unified in 1871, when the German empire was forged, with the kingdom of Prussia as its largest continent. The empire was a unification of all the scattered parts of Germany except Austria, beginning in 1884, Germany started establishing colonies outside Europe. Germany’s imperialism reached outside of its own country and joined many other powers in Europe to claim their share of Africa.

The world wars had a major impact on Germany and for many set its future as a nation that harbored the Nazi party and its cruel perpetration on human life after the Second World War. The war resulted in death of millions of people across the country and eventually led to the division of Germany into the eastern and western fragments each with their own government policies and rules with varying economic and political practices. The contemporary world has witnessed the reunification of the west and the East Germany and the rebirth of a nation torn down with strife and separation. Germany is now a vast power growing consciously amidst the countries of the world.